La Vista Via La Plage Royal Islander Rental St. Maarten

La Vista Via La Plage Royal Islander Rental St. Maarten

La Plage Royal Islander Rental St. Maarten is just among the many luxuries (with the La Terrasse rental) that the prominent and prolific Royal Islander Club has to offer.

A timeshares resort La Plage Islander Rental St. Maarten proffers a terrific accommodation to any of its 111 studio units of 2 BR or 3 BR apartment suites generously allotted with all the modern amenities and overlooking a blossoming white beach that today’s world-wise guests are yearning for. Being in a La Plage Royal Islander Rental St. Maarten is enjoying a comfort of the finest pleasures. Feel yourself as a majesty secured and served in a palace of bedazzling balconies of spectacular sunsets, a lullaby lush sweet garden, and stunning seascape, passing out eternal time in a private pool or Jacuzzi or idly lounging in an exotically beautiful rattan throne or lavishing lathering in an immense bathroom with showers featuring vain marble vanity tops. And as you traverse the travertine floors of the palace paradise, you can not help but feel your whole body turn into gold, completing the overall feeling of luxury and richness…

Bliss. The endearing beachfront resort located in the popular Maho Bay area, near the renowned Casino Royale, and several other exciting establishments, the La Plage Royal Islander Rental St. Maarten is sure to bring you close to the most wanted lifestyle of exclusive shopping, rapturous restaurants and bar hopping, and extravagant night life, so you can dare to be king.

Going for a La Plage Royal Islander Rental St. Maarten earns the deserving guest an excellent experience in the entertainment district of the island and then going home satisfied to a European quality and style abode, where he is always and ever, welcomed and warmly greeted by wonderful smiling faces.

Other Superfluous Lodging Deals:

* Located in an entertainment harbor hub of St. Maarten
* A fortress with fresh water swimming pool right next to the beach
* Loaded with children’s pool, full kitchen with dishwashers, microwaves and electric ovens, etc.
* Plus cable color televisions, central air conditioning, and direct-dial telephones
* Intricate interior design and fine finish architecture
* Great all inclusive time share offers for being the awarded as the Largest Exchange Company for Timesharing in the world as acknowledged by the ‘Resort Condominiums International’ or the RCI.
* The famous frontrunner of the ‘Resort of International Distinction’s award for Class Service and Hospitality.

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